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GGCC Xmas awards Ceremony and 10 Year Awards

17 Dec 2021

2021 Awards Ceremony and 10 Year Celebrations
A huge THANK YOU to every one that came and helped celebrate 10 years of GGCC!....what a brilliant adventure and what a great night to celebrate ‘us’!
I’m hugely honored and privileged to be part of this club and we are only getting started! 😉
I'll post up a summary of our 10 years of memories over the coming days and what plans are afoot for 2022 and beyond and also a full championship update where I'll break down the winners overall and by category.
For now I wanted to recognize the worthy winners from last nights celebrations…..but remember…..if you are in GGCC you are already a winner by default!
I'll get all of the awards to you all asap……if you either didn’t manage to come along or were to drunk to take it with you to the kebab shop at 3am! 😉
I meant what I said on the night….we may be a group of cyclists and members on paper…..but what we really are is a huge group of friends riding bikes, having fun and experiencing awesome journeys and adventures!
Thankyou GGCC!.....its been utterly awesome!
2021 Awards
Group Leader - Paul Devlin
Most Improved Female Racer - Roisín Maria Gordon
Most Improved Male Racer - Steven Purdie
Most Improved Club Rider - Stewart SonofLean
Most Consistent Club Rider - Scott Anderson
Most Supportive Club Member - Andrew McIntyre
GGCC Ambassador Award - Paul Bailey
GGCC Members member - Mark Gallagher
GGCC Club Champions 2021
2021 Female Club Champion - Chris Murray
2021 Male Club Champion - Iain Williamson & Donald Kerr
Longest Serving Member - David Sykes
Outstanding Contribution - Brian Sutton
‘Simply the Best’ - Rae Brown
Outstanding Contribution - Nicola Brown
GGCC Supporter - Richard Warnock
GGCC Supporter - Andy Jack
Tommy Dorrian Award - Kenny Blair
The Broons Award - Richard Hogg