Glasgow Green Cycle Club

Details of the routes Glasgow Green Cycle Club use


Communication is key during any club ride and it's each riders responsibility to ensure that hand signals and messages are fed up and down the group. We have a large number of riders who are experienced in group riding so if you are new to GGCC and group cycling always 'follow the leader' and 'do what we do'. If we all communicate and look out for each other then our goal will be achieved - we will all stay SAFE and have FUN!

For full details of forthcoming club runs, please check out the news section of our website.

On each club run safety comes first so we will set off in groups so that each ability level is catered for and groups dont get too big out on the road.

If you are new to club/group cycling, it would be advisable to have cycled at least 50 miles at the steady group pace before coming along (an average of 16mph), This way we can ensure that the group will stay together as much as possible.

Dependent on numbers GGCC will have the following groups at each run;

1. Steady Group (aimed at a social pace, new group riders and existing members 14- 16 mph average) 
2. Challenge Group (a step up and a progression in pace, still a social pace at 16-18 mph) 
3. Cheeky Challenge Group (this group should challenge you with several efforts througout ride at 18-20 mph)

4. Race Pace Group (experienced riders at a faster pace with consistent hard efforts 20+ mph average)  

Please have a think which group best suits your level of experience, skill, fitness and ability. If you are in any doubt, please speak to Andy, Robert or Mark and they can advise you based on your previous experience and fitness levels.

Here are the links to a selection of the routes GGCC use throughout the week.

Sunday Club Runs (each and every Sunday)
1. South Of Glasgow Sunday Run* (42 Miles)
2. North of Glasgow Sunday Route* (52 Miles)
3. Variations on routes depending on numbers, demand and weather that cover all directions from Glasgow Green

Wednesday Club Runs (March to Early October)
1. The Strathaven Stormer*  (29 miles)     

Scottish Track League @ The Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome.

A number of our members take part in the weekly track league which is conducted by Scottish Cycling. This is a great alternative to road cycling in the evenings during the winter months. Please feel free to join our members and go along to take part or to support our riders at this fantastic venue.

Additional Club Run examples

1. The Crow Road car park Killer*  (40 miles)     
2. The 'Last Over Crow Road buys the coffee' Corker
*   (45 Miles)             
3. The Balloch Belter*  (52 miles)     
4. Tak me over Tak me Doon*  (44 miles)    
5. The Eaglesham Epic*  (60 miles)     
6. The Eaglesham Chaingang Challenge* (35 miles)

*GGCC  have a number of other routes that can be introduced dependent on the needs of the group.
*For more details on our club runs please follow this link to get details on your preparation before a club ride.