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GGCC Club Champion 2022

This page is to provide our members with information and updates on the Club Championship 2022
After a very successful year in 2017, 2018 and 2019 **no club championship in 2020 due to Covid 19 restrictions and lockdown**, and 2021, we will have our 5th Club Championship year of competition in 2022.

GGCC will hold club confined TT's, HC 's and an APR along with various challenges over the course of the year and this page will be updated on a regular basis with the category winners for each event and the points that have been awarded.

At the end of our competitive year, a Male and a Female overall CLUB CHAMPION will be announced at our annual awards ceremony and the 2 winners will be awarded with a Club Champion jersey and also an inscribed glass award that you will keep.  

GGCC Members will compete in the following categories over the year in each event. The categorized competition should make for a fair and representative competition for everyone involved.  

Seniors (Male and Female) - age 18 to 35
Masters (Male and Female) - age 36 - 49
Veterans (Male and Female) - age 50+

Points will be awarded per category in each event
Age categories from 1st to 10th place (Seniors, Masters, Veterans)
1st place received 10 points down to 10th pace that receives 1 point

We also appreciate how much support we get from our valued members and not everyone can or wants to compete so any helper or supporter on the day of a club confined event will receive 1 points towards club championship and be eligible for free entry to another event for helping out. 
**We do ask that everyone contributes and helps in some way during the season, whether that's just helping tidy up, helping a fellow member with their bike or just contributing to the day in any way, it all helps and is greatly appreciated**

After each event prizes will be awarded as follows -

SENIORS, MASTERS, VETERAN - male and female

1st place - £15, certificate & GGCC bidon
2nd place - £10, certificate & GGCC bidon
3rd place - £5, certificate & GGCC bidon

AGE CATEGORIES - you compete against your age group riders as it has been in the past championships
Points are awarded as per above categories.
Bonus points are awarded for multiple events and that will start and split the field later in the season.

2022 Championship rules and eligibility criteria

To be eligible you must compete in 3 of the events or alternatively your best 3 results will go towards your overall championship score

**this will leave it open for you to be part of other events outside GGCC and still have a chance of winning and being competitive**

o Criteria is you MUST compete in 1 of the HC, 1 of the TT’s and 1 'other' event

o Possible bonus points for those that compete in 4 events, 5 events and all 6 events

**competition open to paid up members of GGCC, and those that ride for and represent GGCC 
**renewing members must have been re-joined by 31st March (deadline for memberships was actually end of January so this has given everyone plenty of time to re-join and pay), to be eligible for the championship and new members will be eligible from date of joining once fees are fully paid and 2 rides have been attended as per the guidelines of the club. 
**full event list with dates on Club Events Page**

The details and results from each event can be found on our events page of the website but please find here the ongoing and updates league table for the 2022 CLUB CHAMPION

Good Luck to each and every one of you and we look forward to some very healthy,
fun and safe competition.

**click below for the up to date leagues and points**

GGCC Club Championship Points and League Table for 2022

For 2021 our GGCC Club Champions are :-

MALE - Iain Williamson and Donald Kerr
FEMALE - Christina Murray

GGCC Club Championship Points and League
 Table for 2021
Category Winners for 2021
GGCC Awards Ceremony - summary of all winners for 2021


For 2019 our GGCC Club Champions were :-

MALE - Andrew McIntyre
FEMALE - Hannah Browne
GGCC Club Championship Points and League Table for 2019

Category Winners for 2019
GGCC Awards Ceremony - summary of all winners for 2019

For 2018 our Club Confined Champions were :-
MALE - Micky Ross
FEMALE - Alexandra Michnowicz

Category Winners for 2018

GGCC Awards Ceremony - summary of all winners for 2018

Our 2017 inaugural GGCC Club Championship Winners were
MALE - Darren 'Doog' Carruthers
FEMALE - Zosia Martin